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    Accident Benefits Claims
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    Back & Neck Injuries
    Brain Injury Claims
    Automobile/Car Accidents
    Chronic Pain Settlements
    Insurance Claims
    Long-term Disability Benefits
    Lost Income Claims
    Medical Claims
    Motorcycle Accidents
    No-Fault Insurance Claims
    Negligence Claims
    Paralysis Claims
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    Short-term Disability Benefits
    Slip & Fall Accidents
    Spinal Cord Injuries
    Whiplash settlements
    Wrongful Deaths

Areas of Practice

Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyer - Accident, Disability, Insurance Claims

We provide legal services to persons who have suffered personal injury or disability. We know that recuperation from psychological and physical injury is probably the hardest thing anyone will ever do. We can help. We can take care of the legal and insurance problems and we can make sure you are getting the best medical and rehabilitation services out there.

Use the navigation to view the types of claims that we can help you with.

You can benefit from our many other services which help make the legal process of fighting for your legitimate rights much more comprehensive, bearable and effective. We provide you with the best knowledge, resources and networks that twenty-five years of experience can provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Disability Insurance Claims

Hamilton Disability Claim Lawyer / Insurance Attorney | Ontario, Canada

Knowing your legal rights is important – but often, when disability claims are involved, just knowing your rights is not enough to get you the compensation you deserve.

Securing payment for your disability claim can be complicated. Often, disability claims are delayed or even denied by employers, insurance companies or the government. And when you're injured or disabled – physically and financially at your most vulnerable – you shouldn't also have to deal with delays, bureaucracy and complicated legal issues. Regrettably, it may be necessary to sue an insurance company that is denying your rightful claim for benefits.

I can help. As a Hamilton personal injury lawyer with more than 27 years of experience handling disability insurance claims, I can act for you. I'll assert your legal rights with all the parties involved and ensure your claim gets addressed fairly and quickly – and, most importantly, that your disability insurance claim gets paid!

We routinely handle a wide variety of disability insurance claims, including:

  • short term disability (STD)
  • long term disability (LTD)
  • income replacement benefits
  • caregiver benefits
  • nonearner benefits
  • Canada Pension Plan disability benefits (CPP)

Dealing with these types of claims can be complicated. All these claims require reliable medical evidence. Reliable medical evidence that proves the disability and complies with specific legal definition of disability laid out in the insurance policy. And all claims are subject to time limits so claimants must act quickly – often when they are already under considerable stress or discomfort. Contacting an experienced disability claims lawyer can save you time, aggravation and unnecessary worry.

If you have recently experienced a disabling injury or have had your insurance claim for compensation denied, I urge you to act quickly.

Call us now at 905.540.5555 or email us. We can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Claims

Hamilton Insurance Claim Lawyer / Accident Lawyer

Not everyone we represent has been involved in an accident. What they do all have in common is that they have not been treated fairly by their insurance companies when making an insurance claim. Regardless of your situation, we can advise you of your rights and help you prepare and file your insurance claim.

If making the insurance claim does not get you the benefits to which you are entitled, we can help you get a fair settlement or your day in court. Contact us today about your insurance claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Hamilton Car Accident Lawyer / Auto Accident Lawyer

Car accidents, motorcycle accidents and other motor vehicle accidents can have devastating consequences – for you and your financial well-being.

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you need to know your legal rights. If your accident has left you injured, you may be entitled to accident benefits. In some cases, you may also have the right to sue the person(s) at fault, to secure compensation for pain and suffering, lost income and loss of future earnings. You may have the right to compensation for medical and rehabilitation costs, household expenses and personal care costs.

If you’re injured, don’t rely on an insurance company to tell you your rights. With more than 25 years experience representing and helping clients injured in motor vehicle accidents, we understand the emotional and financial strain an accident can bring.

Be sure you know your legal rights. Get the representation you need – and the compensation you deserve! Call us now at 905.540.5555 or contact us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Negligence Claims

Hamilton Negligence Claim Lawyer / Accident Lawyer

Whether the accident is on public or private property, commercial or a government office, if you have been injured as the result of the wrongdoing (negligence) of another person or company, you may have a negligence claim. We can represent you and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Contact us today about your negligence claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

No Fault Insurance / Accident Benefits Claims

Hamilton No Fault Lawyer / Accident Benefits Lawyer

No fault insurance and accident benefits claims are benefits that you are entitled to from your own insurance company. They include disability benefits, caregiver benefits, non-earner benefits, housekeeping and home maintenance, attendant care, medical and rehabilitation benefits and other expenses related to your no fault insurance or accident benefits claim.

We deal with the insurance company red tape and ensure that you get the benefits to which you are entitled. Contact us today about your no fault or accident benefits claim.

Frequently Asked Questions


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