5 Things Your Insurance Company Will Not Tell You

A list of 5 things your insurance company will not tell you.

  1. If you are injured in a car accident you can sue.
  2. You must act within certain time limits or you may lose your right to sue.
  3. You have the right to choose your health care and rehabilitation providers. Your insurance company can’t tell you what clinics to go to or who is to provide your rehab.

    Tip: Avoid anyone your insurance company picks. They can send you to their doctors but only for a report and not for treatment.

  4. You should see a lawyer very soon after an accident and immediately after your insurance company denies your claim. A good lawyer who specializes in insurance claims will not charge you for this first visit. In that visit, she will explain to you your rights and tell you if you have a claim.
  5. Only your lawyer will protect your rights. An insurance company is not there to protect your rights, to tell you what you are entitled to or to pay you top dollar.

    Although insurance companies are government regulated, they are private businesses. Making money for the shareholders is their sole objective. They make money by taking your premiums and paying out as little money as possible.