I’m on accident insurance currently; can I go out and live my life as usual?

I see no reason you cannot carry on with your life as best you can. I would never tell a client to do something or not do something in their normal life just because they are on disability benefits.

However if you work you will likely lose your disability benefits.

If you do an activity that would lead your insurer to believe that you are capable of working, you will likely lose your disability benefits.

The insurance companies routinely do surveillance. If you are doing something you should not be doing, the insurance company will find out.

Recently a client was concerned because she was doing a lot of volunteer work at her church. She knew she wasn’t able to work but was concerned that her insurer would think she was able to work. I encouraged her to continue to do the volunteer work. It was beneficial to her in so many ways. It improved her state of mind. It helped her make important contacts. It improved her physical condition and stamina. It helped take her mind off her pain.

The volunteer work was not work. Unlike work, when doing volunteer work she could pick her own hours. She could work at her own pace. She didn’t have to worry about putting in a full day. When she was having a bad day she could stay home. She could pick and chose what activities she would do and when she needed help.

Doing volunteer work was helping her to get back to work but was not work.

But it is important that she tells her doctors and treatment providers that she is volunteering. It is important that she is clear about what she is doing and what she can’t do so there would be no mistake, no misunderstanding.