How do I get vehicle insurance information if the driver refuses?

Under section 200 of the Highway Traffic Act, any person who is involved in an accident must, when requested, must give his name, address, driver’s licence number, insurance policy information and ownership information.  This information must be given to the police and to any witness or anyone else involved in the accident.

If someone doesn’t comply with section 200 they are guilty of an offence and on conviction can be fined or imprisoned or have his licence suspended.

If someone won’t give you that information, get as much information as you can and call the police.  Tell the police you were involved in an accident and that the other driver won’t provide insurance information.  The police will take this very seriously.  They will get the information for you.  If the driver was uninsured they will tell you that and will probably charge the other driver.  You will then be covered by your own insurance company.