How do I pick a personal injury lawyer?

Evaluate any perspective lawyer on the basis of expertise, personality and services provided.

You will want to:

  • Find lawyer who specializes in personal injury law; the most experienced personal injury lawyers are certified as specialists in civil litigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada.
  • Check the lawyer’s website and articles online.
  • Make inquiries about the lawyer’s reputation and past successes.
  • Ask friends about their experiences.
  • Be careful about recommendations from hospitals, some law firms have special relationships with hospitals as a result of donations made to the hospital.

You should then meet with the lawyer, make sure you are comfortable with him or her and that you communicate well with each other.

Finally, you should find out:

  • Who in the law firm will be working on your case: will it be the lawyer you are meeting with or will your case be delegated to a junior lawyer or paralegal or law clerk? Some lawyers will tell you they use a team approach, but this often means that the lawyer does very little work on your case and that you will be dealing mostly with junior lawyers and law clerks.
  • What will you be charged?
  • What services will you get?
  • Will the law firm handle your accident benefit claim, short term and long term disability claims as well as your lawsuit?
  • Will there be an additional charge for representing you in these claims?

Do some research and make an informed decision.