How much longer can my insurance company delay closure?

Question: I have seen 3 insurance doctors already. Two have identified more injury than was originally diagnosed. Finally, as I have been expecting, the 4th doctor disagreed with the previous 3, my own doctor, and previous diagnosis. Frankly, I think he was the “hired gun”. Consequently his report ended up in a denial of payment and I have to fight again.

My question is it’s been over 2.5 years since my accident. How much longer can the insurance company play these games and delay closure?

Answer: Unfortunately you can’t force the insurance company to settle with you. Also unfortunately your insurance company can send you for insurance exams every time you send in a new treatment plan and for ongoing benefits as often as is “reasonable”.

It is very dangerous to refuse to go to a medical exam your insurance company has set up because they can use your non attendance as grounds to end your benefits. 

It may be time for you to consult a lawyer.