I was in a motor vehicle accident. What should I do?

A list of things you should and shouldn’t do if you get into a motor vehicle accident in Ontario.

  1. Call the police if someone is hurt, if there is significant damage to the cars or if you think the driver of the other car is guilty of a criminal offence (e.g. drunk driving). If you don’t call the police you should at least report it to the police accident centre.
  2. Get all details concerning the driver and owner of the car(s) including;
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Phone number
    4. License plate number
    5. Drivers license number
    6. Insurance company name and policy number
    7. Make and model of the car

  3. Get the name and contact information of all witnesses and passengers of the vehicles.
  4. Never admit fault for the accident; don’t sign any documents concerning fault and don’t promise to pay the damages.
  5. Get medical attention if you need it.
  6. Report the accident to your own insurance company. Discuss repair or replacement of your motor vehicle and car rental.
  7. Ask for an application for accident benefits from your own insurance company. Applying for accident benefits will enable you to obtain disability benefits, medical and rehabilitation benefits, payment of expenses, payment of housekeeping and attendant care benefits.
  8. Do not under any circumstances speak to an insurance company representative of another driver. While you must cooperate with your own insurance company you have no obligation to speak to the insurer of another car.
  9. Call me to find out your rights. I will not charge you for the phone call and if necessary, will meet with you at no charge. You absolutely need to speak to me if:
    1. You are very seriously hurt.
    2. You are unable to go to work.
    3. Your insurance company refuses to pay for any expense or benefit that you have requested.
    4. Your insurance company wants to send you to their doctor.
    5. Your insurance company wants to send a therapist to your house to meet with you.
    6. Your insurance company won’t let you pick your own doctors/therapists and instead want you to go to the doctors/therapists that they choose.
    7. The insurance company for a driver of another car requests to meet with you.
    8. Your insurance company wants you to give them a written or verbal statement under oath.

  10. Keep copies of all documents relating to the accident that are sent to you or that you prepare. Ask for copies of all documents prepared on your behalf.