Is there anything an insurance adjuster can’t ask?

It depends upon the type of claim you are making and what type of insurance adjuster is asking the question. Generally speaking the adjuster may only ask questions relevant to the insurance claim you are making.

If any question causes you concern, call a lawyer and get professional advice.

If you are speaking to the car accident adjuster who represents the insurance company of the vehicle that hit you, don’t answer any questions. You shouldn’t be talking to this adjuster. There is no requirement that you speak to him or her. It does not benefit you to speak to this type of adjuster. The adjuster is trying to get information that he or she plans to use against you in your claim.

You do have an obligation to speak to the accident benefit or no fault adjuster (this is the adjuster for your own car insurance company). By law if requested, you must provide your own insurance company with:

  1. Any information reasonably required to assist the insurer in determining your entitlement to a benefit.
  2. A statutory declaration as to the circumstances that gave rise to your application for a benefit.
  3. The number, street and municipality where you reside.
  4. Proof of your identity.

The adjuster for your short or long term disability insurer may ask questions relevant to the claim and as permitted by the policy.

When in doubt get advice. Tell the adjuster you want to speak to a lawyer before answering any questions.