Is this thing on?

Hello. Allow me to welcome you to my personal injury blog.

My name is Rhona Waxman and I have been practicing civil law for over 25 years. I never imagined that I’d be writing in one of these things but times have vastly changed and I feel blogs are an essential part of maintaining a strong relationship with the general public and of course my clients. So here I am “Blogging”!

I’ve created this blog as a means for lawyers and consumers to obtain up-to-date news, FAQ’s, general information, links and commentaries relating to personal injury law in Ontario. I hope to provide you with a better understanding of injury and disability litigation to assist you in making informed decisions in the wake of accidents and tragedies.

I have a wealth of legal information rattling around in my brain so why not share it you… for free! Besides, I’m quite positive my friends and family are tired of hearing me rant about the injustices of insurance companies. I now have a place to present my thoughts and maybe answer a few of the questions out there.

I encourage everyone to post his or her comments. I know this will be a great learning experience. For me at least!

Thanks for visiting.