Lawsuit claim higher than car insurance coverage

I have been notified by my car insurance company that a lawsuit has been started against me and that the amount of the claim may be higher than my coverage. What should I do?

Contact a personal injury lawyer right away. If you are in the Hamilton area feel free to contact us.

There are 4 things we can do for you:

  1. We will search for any additional coverage that may help you. For example you may have umbrella liability insurance coverage on your home, apartment, or cottage.
  2. We will try to force the plaintiff and insurance company to settle the claim within your insurance policy limits.
  3. If the claim can’t be settled within the limits we will try to set up a bad faith claim against your own insurance company so that your insurance company and not you will have to pay the amount over your limits.
  4. We will help defend that claim and reduce that amount of the judgement as much as possible.