Motor Vehicle Accident and ODSP

Question: I am going to settle a mva accident in December 09. All lost wages were taken dollar for dollar off my odsp cheque for five years now. Will that be given back to me in the settlement? I have a lawyer and don’t know if the driver was drinking to this day or how much money we are asking for. It is a complicated case and I’m hoping maybe you can offer some help, if so I would be very grateful.

Answer: The lost wages taken off your odsp cheques will not be given back to you in the settlement of your case. Your lawyer can give you the specifics as it applies to your case.

Generally if your odsp was reduced by your loss of income money, this means that less money will have to be paid to odsp from the settlement of your case.

If the other driver was drinking, that will have no impact on the amount of your settlement. It will have an impact on liability or responsibility for the motor vehicle accident.