What is the purpose of an Examination for Discovery?

There are numerous reasons you may be required to undergo an Examination for Discovery:

  1. To evaluate you as a witness.
  2. Another reason is to see if there are facts that both sides agree on.  These facts will not have to be proved if the case goes to trial.
  3. To pin down your answers.  If the case goes to trial you will be asked a lot of the same questions.  If you give different answers you will have to explain why.
  4. To get a better understanding what you case is all about.
  5. At discovery both parties will obtain undertakings (promises) for disclosure and production of documents relating to the case.
  6. Lastly and most importantly a reason for discovery is to catch you in a lie.  As a party to the litigation your credibility or truthfulness is the most important part of your case.  If the other side can show that you have lied once, they can attack everything you have said in the case.

These apply whether your case is about a motor vehicle claim, disability claim, insurance dispute or personal injury claim of any kind.

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