Question: How do I make my lawyer pay me the balance?

Question: I was in a car accident and settled the case through my lawyer. My lawyer wrote me saying my check was in route and I would have to come in and sign off when they recieve the check. That was a month ago. I keep calling to ask when I can come in but they will not return my call. How do I make my lawyer pay me the balance?

Answer: It can take 4 to 6 weeks for the cheques to come from the insurance company. It is also not unusual for the insurance company to tell your lawyer the cheque is on the way when it hasn’t been sent yet.

It is not right for your lawyer to no return your calls. You can make a complaint to the Law Society of Upper Canada if he or she is not returning your calls, but that is a little drastic at this point. Who knows, your lawyer could be ill or in trial. Have you tried speaking to the lawyer’s assistant?

I would leave one more message. In the message state you are concerned that you don’t have your money and that your calls aren’t being returned and that unless this call is returned you are calling the Law Society.