Should I hire a lawyer?

Although I risk being accused of all the things people hate about lawyers, my answer must be: maybe.

You have asked the wrong question. The question should have been: should I talk to a lawyer? Or the question could have been: should I find out what my legal rights are? The answer to those questions is always: yes.

If you have spoken to the right lawyer, the lawyer will discuss with you whether you should hire a lawyer. Your lawyer will discuss the pros and cons of hiring a lawyer. You will discuss things like cost, time, results with and results without a lawyer and risk. You can then decide if you should hire a lawyer.

Most lawyers will be upfront about the pros and cons. No reputable lawyer wants to take your case unless he or she can help you. We know that we will not be in business long if our reputation is that our clients leave our offices in worse shape than when they arrived.

Do your homework. Find the right lawyer. Ask detailed questions. Then you decide if you need a lawyer.