What is a personal injury adjuster?

A personal injury adjuster is the insurance company employee or representative responsible for assessing and paying out on your personal injury claim.
The adjuster handles the claim until the insurance company appoints its own lawyer.

The sole purpose of the personal injury adjuster is to protect the interests of the insurance company.  Adjusters do that by paying out as little as they can on any legitimate claims made.

Adjusters assess risk and costs.  What is the cost of not settling with you now?  How much will it cost to take this claim to court?  If the case went to court, who is more likely to win?  What is the risk you will get more money if you go to court?

The personal injury adjuster

  • will not advise you of your rights
  • does not represents you
  • will pay you as little as possible to close all legitimate claims
  • is highly skilled a dealing with insurance claims
  • will try to discourage you from consulting a lawyer

If without knowing what your rights are, you have come to an agreement with a personal injury adjuster, you are likely being underpaid.